At Global Voice of Prayer, we extend a heartfelt invitation to join our movement—a collective endeavor to shape a future bathed in the transformative power of prayer. 

Welcome to Global Voice of Prayer

Cultivating Unity, Inspiring Change

Global Voice of Prayer (GVOP) emerged in 2020 as a beacon of hope, calling believers from every corner of the world to unite in prayer and mission. Our journey began amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, as Christian leaders and ministries echoed a resounding call for unprecedented unity and collaboration in the realm of prayer and missions.

“We encourage believers to listen attentively to the voice of God and respond with radical obedience.”


Join us in building bridges across cultures, borders, and denominations. GVOP is dedicated to creating platforms for collaboration and supporting global initiatives aimed at unifying the Body of Christ in prayer. Together, we stand as a testament to the strength found in unity, fostering a community that transcends divisions.

At GVOP, we champion strategic prayer that goes beyond routine supplication. We encourage believers to listen attentively to the voice of God and respond with radical obedience. Join us as we gather followers of Jesus to discern strategic issues relevant to our times, developing prayer strategies and initiatives that bring about transformative change.

GVOP is committed to providing resources that empower believers in effective and targeted prayer. Explore our curated collection of training materials designed to equip individuals and communities for a purposeful prayer life. Our goal is to create opportunities for learning, growth, and impartation that go beyond the ordinary.

Our Areas of Focus



Next Gen

Embark on a Journey with GVOP:

At Global Voice of Prayer, we are not just an organization; we are a movement. We stand at the forefront of a significant new move of God in our time. Together, let us engage in the sacred act of prayer, fostering unity, and bringing about lasting change across the globe.

Join us on this transformative journey. Together, let our voices rise as a global symphony of prayer, echoing the heartbeat of a united Body of Christ. Together, we are the Global Voice of Prayer.

OUR History

Transformational revival like the world has never seen.

At the beginning of 2020, Global Voice of Prayer was founded as the world came face to face with the reality of a global pandemic. 

Christian leaders and ministries called for a new level of unity and collaboration in prayer and missions, and since then GVOP has been part of a significant new move of God in our time, seeking to create platforms for united prayer and action across cultures, borders and denominations.

How we started

The Vision

In 2006 Graham Power received a vision of 3 waves starting from the Southern tip of Africa and crossing the continent of Africa into the nations around the globe. 

Wave of Prayer

A wave of prayer, expressed through the Global Day of Prayer movement 2001 – 2010

Wave of Ethics

A wave of ethics, values and clean living brought about by Unashamedly Ethical, in operation since 2006 to the present

Transformational Revival

A tsunami of transformational revival like the world has never seen.