Uniting the Global body of Christ to listen and respond to the voice of Jesus in obedience and prayer.

10 Days of Prayer | September 15 - 25

Join us and others around the world as we interrupt our daily lives, to continually seek God’s face for 10 Days. Together, we are forming a global upper room (Acts 1-2) as an act of intercession so that entire cities and regions may come to repentance (Jonah 1-4) and be transformed.

World Prayer Assembly - Oceania | October 3 - 6

Join thousands of Christians of all ages from the worldwide Church, Prayer, and Mission Movements for this unique gathering – to unite – to repent, to worship, and to contend in prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission!


54 Weeks of Prayer of Africa | May 28 – June 8, 2024

Join SACLI as they pray for 54 beautiful countries in Africa. Their prayers will be focused towards the healing of Africa from the wounds caused by the devastating consequences of slavery, colonialism, exploitation, and racism through the centuries.

Pentecost 2023 – A Global Day of Prayer for Jerusalem and the Nations!

Witness the awe-inspiring unity as over 1 million believers around the globe poured their hearts into prayer and fasting during Pentecost 2023, fervently interceding for Jerusalem and Israel.

Rewatch the most powerful and incredible Pentecost gatherings of all time!

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